The restaurant industry contributes significantly to the country’s economy and employment. In 2019, it contributed around R72 billion to the national economy and employed more than 500 000 people.

Running a restaurant does not come without its challenges, however. When COVID-19 became a reality, it added more challenges to the restaurant industry.

It’s going to take a long time to recover as peoples’ behaviour has changed indefinitely. For the industry to survive the immediate fallout of Covid-19 and future crises of its kind, it will need to innovate, integrate e-commerce into their business models, and have access to quick financing solutions.

To help restaurants face these challenges, Discovery Business Insurance has created the Restaurant owners’ product which provides comprehensive, tailored cover for restaurant owners to protect them against the unique risks they face, including new emerging risks. In addition, as a restaurant owner, you can get great rewards for managing your business risks well.

The Restaurant owners’ product offers all the benefits offered by the traditional multi-peril commercial policy together with expanded cover for the risks of today such as cyber risks, reputational risks, social media liability and legal risks.

Discovery Business Insurance has automatically embedded key cover innovations to the Restaurant owners’ product to help restaurant owners run their restaurants well so that it can become a better and more successful business.

In addition to the standard business insurance cover, Restaurant Owners will get the embedded covers at no additional premium when adding the relevant sections of cover to your plan.

Restaurant Owners will also be able to increase their embedded benefits’ cover amount at an additional premium.

In addition to the embedded cover innovations and core insurance cover, restaurant owners will be able to get all the benefits and rewards offered under the Discovery Business Insurance Plan, including benefits such as the Vitality Drive for Business Rewards and MTN Business Data Cash Back.

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