Personal Insurance

VCIB Insurance Brokers know our clients by name. We listen to your needs, provide honest advice and personalised service. 

We provide tailor made insurance solutions that match your lifestyle and budget. 

What we offer

Car Insurance

Building Insurance

Contents Insurance

All Risk Insurance

Personal Liability

Personal Accident

Pleasure Craft Insurance

Emergency Assist Programme

Emergency Assist Programme

VCIB offers Policy Holders some peace of mind in the event of a roadside and/or medical emergency. Call 0861 824 222, for assistance in an emergency.

VCIB Assist offers seamless access to value-added services – These services are available 24/7/365

Services include:

  • An integrated self-service web portal compatible on tablets, laptops and PC’s
  • Additional cover can be requested via the app or lodge a claim on the app and web-based portal
  • Built-in accident manager to help you capture all the relevant information including third party details through the licence disk and driver’s licence disk scanning functionality
  • Vehicle Pre-inspection – take photos of the vehicle, scan the license disk to capture the relevant details
  • Home Pre-inspection - take photos of the household items, per room and capture the item values
  • A built-in panic button to push in case of an emergency
  • Connected platform with live tracking Claims Assist – track assist providers live location on route to you