We are excited to announce our partnership with AgriBusiness Links. When purchasing your equipment, VCIB offers tailor made insurance that covers: 

– Equipment and assets (excluding crops) 

– Personal insurance lines for farmers 

– Cover for packing and cooling facilities. 

Who is AgriBusiness Links? 

Agribusiness Links offers you, the client, all that you need in order to run a successful farming operation. 

  • Turnkey Projects​
  • Agri Hubs
  • Agricultural Business Plans

Peripherals such as:

  • Abattoir Equipment and Installation
  • Purebred Livestock
  • Cattle Handling Equipment
  • Silos and Bulk Storage
  • Tractors and Implements

For enquiries and information on AgriBusiness contact James


Cell: 064 545 3627

Learn more: https://www.agribusinesslinks.co.za/

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